Strategic Plan 2006-2010


We recognize that we are government's most visible representative and that we respond to the needs of our customers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We recognize the awesome responsibility to fairly and wisely exercise the unique powers given to us to accomplish our mission.

We acknowledge that we are held to a higher standard; therefore, our personal and professional lives must be exemplary.

Message From The Chief

Strategic planning determines where an organization is going over the next year or more and how it's going to get there. The process is organization wide and includes several major activities or steps in the process. It involves a variety of people in the organization that provide leadership to each of the initiatives identified to meet the strategic goals. The document that we have developed is dynamic and is subject to change as each strategy is completed. Our plan involves a timeline in which the strategy is to be completed. The person or group that is assigned to oversee the strategy is responsible for coordinating the efforts and resources to accomplish it.

We have decided to use formal and informal teams in providing information, making decisions and successfully implementing them. This is a team based approach and one in which we are very enthused about. It allows for each member of the organization to participate in the decision making process.

The Port Washington strategic plan is goal based and starts with our mission and value statement. The seven strategic goals are designed to work towards the mission. The strategies are designed to achieve the goals (who will do what and by when).

I would like to thank all personnel for participating in the development of this plan. It represents their commitment and dedication to the citizens of Port Washington.

Our Mission

The mission of the Port Washington Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our city by working in partnership with the community, to protect and serve the community's quest for a peaceful and safe existence, with democratic values applied equally to all citizens.

To Achieve This Mission, We Commit To These Specific Values

  • We value the protection of human life above anything else. We will always use only the minimum amount of force necessary in all situations above dialogue.
  • We value community opinion and response as a means of identifying and addressing public safety and quality of life issues. We exist to serve the community.
  • We value courtesy, compassion and respect. "Citizens are first".
  • We value Problem Solving and hold ourselves accountable for working to solve community problems through nontraditional means not limited to the criminal justice system.
  • We value teamwork. We recognize the importance of each employee as an individual and team member. We believe that a cooperative effort within our team will enable us to combine our diverse backgrounds, skills and styles to achieve common goals.
  • We value integrity. We believe that integrity is the basis for personal and public trust. We will not compromise ourselves or others.

The Process

The Port Washington Police Department understands that our internal priorities may not always align with the expectations of the community. Though the department has responsibilities for resource allocation, the community has expectations for service-what services are provided and how. In developing the strategic goals for the next three years, we made customer service and input in the process a priority. We wanted to know, what does the community want from its police department? As a result, the strategic goals of the department are based on the following:

  • Information the Police and Fire Commission learned from the community listening sessions they held in 2005 and an internal examination and audit of ourselves and the department's infrastructure. How are we spending our time? What systems or processes are not working? How do employees feel about their work environment?
  • Police are skilled at analyzing crime-related problems and identifying solutions, but rarely do we take a step back and ask important internal questions. Information we received from the employees complemented what we heard from the Police and Fire Commission. The information that the Police and Fire Commission received, input from the employees and an examination of the department's infrastructure was used to establish the seven broad goal areas: Leadership and Ethics, Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS), Technology, An Inclusive Environment, Organizational Capacity and Operational Readiness, Communication and Wisconsin Accreditation.

Strategic Plan

This report summarizes the Port Washington Police Department's strategic plan, initially developed for three years (2006-2008), however it has since been modified and extended through 2010. It presents strategies that will, as they are implemented, be the means through which the Port Washington Police Department strives to meet the public safety needs of our community.

Port Washington Police Department's Strategic Plan has been developed to help focus the department which continues to be a rapidly changing environment.

Like most police organizations today, the department faces challenges and difficult decisions resulting from three major factors:

  • Increasing service expectations
  • More sophisticated criminal activity
  • Limited financial and human resources

To succeed as a police organization, we must manage these factors effectively. This management requires:

  • Leadership
  • Openness to change
  • The creativity and integrity of our employees

As a result, our strategic direction for the next three years focuses on seven key elements:

  1. Leadership and Ethics
  2. Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS)
  3. Technology
  4. An Inclusive Environment
  5. Organizational Capacity and Operational Readiness
  6. Communications
  7. Wisconsin Accreditation